Behind the Scenes: Neat and Clean

One of the best things about renovating or moving is that when you move into your new space, it is as clean and organized as it will ever be! I love that feeling! So with my new house, I decided to really take it up a notch and partner with Dominique Caskey, owner of Neat Method Houston. We’re going to organize my kitchen, laundry, closet, and bathroom - and I’m looking forward to having them as ship-shape as my client’s pantry below! Dominique is an amazing expert at organization and she agreed to share some of her top tips by room! Take a look:

Beth Lindsey Interior Design

Beth Lindsey Interior Design

Kitchen and Pantry

1. Contain “like” categories (think snacks, breakfast, etc.) in baskets for a NEAT look and to keep the organization going throughout the year!

2. Decant staples such as flour, sugar, and pasta in matching plastic or glass containers. Not only does it save shelf space, but it allows you to easily see what you have!

3. Start with the dishwasher when space planning in your kitchen. Keep your daily dishes, glassware, and silverware closest the dishwasher to make unloading and loading quick and easy.

Neat Method

Neat Method


1. Use matching slimline hangers to save precious rod space and to achieve that boutique look. You’d be amazed at the difference they make!

2. Organize your closet’s prime real estate based on what you wear every day. Keeping that part of your wardrobe in easy reach will make your morning routine a breeze!

3. Color coordinate EVERYTHING! Not only is this visually appealing, but it will also make finding that favorite shirt or dress as easy as can be!

Neat Method

Neat Method

Home Office

1. Create a go-to station for office and homework supplies to make everyday tasks NEAT and easy. Drawer organizers, desktop trays, and storage drawers are a few of our go-to’s when creating efficient office space within beautiful built-ins.

2. The office usually shares storage for items such as crafts and gift wrap. Keep your wrap and bags categorized by size or event. Color coordinate your tissue paper and keep gift accessories such as ribbons and bows together.

3. A command central is a surefire way to keep your household paperwork in one place before it’s filed or scanned! Create a system that includes trays for the following:

  • Incoming (mail and paperwork): Review daily and place any item not thrown away into the corresponding tray below

  • Act (items to respond to like bills, invites, etc.): Review and act upon weekly

  • File/Scan (items to keep once they’ve been addressed): Review and file/scan monthly

  • Shred (security-sensitive items to dispose of once they’ve been addressed): Review and shred monthly

Neat Method

Neat Method

Don’t you love her ideas?! I can’t wait to show you all of my super-organized rooms! We’re getting SOOO close - more sneak peeks next week on Instagram, so be sure you’re following me!