The Great Outdoors

After four weeks filming on HGTV's Brother vs. Brother show, I was finally getting more comfortable with the cameras and sometimes didn’t even notice them! This was also the point where we moved to the outdoor areas, which was great because this house was made for outdoor living with all the decks and amazing water views.

In the original design of the house, though, there wasn’t anything at all that was inviting about the outdoor spaces.

Drew Scott had to replace all the pilings, too, on the canal side of the house, which was an unexpected expense. But it gave him a chance to redo the boat dock. There was also a lower deck here, so Drew and I included a daybed area in his plan for the space.

It’s a great relaxing lounge area, now, and how cool is that ladder that works as a towel rack?

On the other side of the lower deck area, we brought in traditional Adirondack chairs and a rolling cart that serves as a refreshment center.

It was the upper deck, though, really needed the most love!

So much time at a beach house is spent outside, so we really needed an inviting space on that deck. Now there’s a new dining area that can fit a lot of friends and family for al fresco meals!

Drew also loved the furniture we chose for a conversation area on the deck, and he jumped right in to help arrange it. 

The coastal colors are so soothing and inviting in the new deck area – they make you want to spend all your time here, enjoying the beautiful views!

The photographer caught Drew and I enjoying the finished seating area! This entire project was such a blast, and Drew really went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and welcome on his team!

Keep reading my blog throughout July and I'll give you more insights on what it was like to work with Drew and the HGTV team.