The State of Color

Color is so personal - one person can see brown as warm and cozy and another thinks it’s depressing. Then there are all the shades of brown. You may love chestnut, but despise buff. And there are always colors that seem to be more popular in one region than another. Sherwin-Williams is having a bit of fun with that by showcasing palettes designed specifically for each state.


The palette for my own state of Texas has a neutral base with a pop of teal to give it punch. Each color’s name is obviously inspired by the state itself, like Armadillo, Cowboy Boots, and Gulfstream.


I have roots in Mississippi, and I really love this quiet and sophisticated palette. The colors featured for this state are Prairie Grass, Soulful Blue, and Tupelo Tree.


Evidently, the people of the great state of Indiana are crazy for color because their palette is one of the most colorful in the entire project, with Direct Green, Confident Yellow, and Crimson Red. You would definitely have to be confident to pull this palette off.

For me, one of the prettiest palettes is the one for New York - with Empire Gold, Mountain Stream, and Wall Street. I could see using this in one of my current client’s homes.

So what do you think about these pretty palettes? Click through here to find your own state’s selections and tell me what you think in the comments section below!