Cool French Style

There really is something about the French. They created the word “chic” and seem to often own the copyright on it as well. In the interior design world, one of the copyright owners of chic is Jean Louis Deniot, French architect/interior designer extraordinaire.

Jean Louis Deniot

Jean Louis Deniot

As designers, we’re a congenial group. We really don’t compete with one another, so we are all friendly and supportive of each other’s work. But that doesn’t mean we don’t cast a critical eye of appraisal at each other’s work. We may look a project and absolutely love it, yet still we recognize elements we would have done differently, or see things we don’t quite understand. Jean Louis Deniot is one of the exceptions to this rule. His blend of crisp, classic modernism with traditional references is always perfection - I wouldn’t change a thing!


He effortlessly combines classic details like plaster moldings and black lacquer double doors, with furnishings rooted strongly in the 20th century modernist Jean Michael Frank tradition- clean lines, strong shapes, and crisp, often monochrome, palettes (I’ll need to do a post on Jean Michel Frank one day too. He is the original godfather of chic decor).


This bath. So simple, and yet not minimal at all. 


The level of craftsmanship in JLD’s projects is just beyond extraordinary. As a designer, I know that clean, tailored, and classic, takes an army of skilled artisans working behind the scenes.


As I look at JLD’s work, I find myself repeating the same adjectives like ethereal, classic, and elegant, over and over again, so I’m just going to let the last images speak for themselves.


For more Jean Louis Deniot chicness, I highly recommend purchasing his Rizzoli monograph. 



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