5 Tips for Setting a Thankful Table

How has time flown by so fast? I can’t believe we are only three weeks from Thanksgiving! Just yesterday, it seemed I had all the time in the world to prep and now it’s practically here already! Since my last post on Fall decorating, I’ve been furiously scouring the internet for new and fresh ideas for my Thanksgiving table. And I have my own tips for setting a thankful table!

Casa De Perrin

Casa De Perrin

I’ve been following the Casa De Perrin Instagram account for tabletop inspiration for quite a while now, and I literally gasped when I saw this blue-and-white tablescape with chinoiserie painted pumpkins. Possibly the chicest table setting ever! I’ve had this image in head ever since, and I’ve wondered how to translate this into my own tabletop decor.

I wasn’t keen on trying my hand at replicating the amazing blue and white pumpkins, but luckily they recently posted this similar treatment with solidly painted pumpkins to accent the color of the china. Now this, I can do! So my first thankful tip?

Casa De Perrin

Casa De Perrin

1. Embrace Color

This year i’m going to layer in colored plates, then paint pumpkins to accent. I’m thinking of using my more casual sky blue china layered in, and maybe pulling out a celadon linen tablecloth and napkins, for a colorful Thanksgiving table with a coastal flair. After all, there is no law that says Thanksgiving tables have to be red and orange!


2. Keep It Simple

Since I’m planning to mix up my china colors, that means I’m going to keep my florals simple - probably just green leaves and white blooms. Colorful flowers and colorful china could easily turn into a hot mess, so white florals, with maybe some blush pink added, would be as far as I go. It really depends on what looks good at the flower mart!

Setting for Four

Setting for Four

3. Candlelight

It is a well-documented scientific fact that food tastes better when eaten by candlelight. Ok, maybe I just made that up, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Even if you sit down to eat your turkey at two in the afternoon, don’t forget to light plenty of candles for ambiance. I’m quite traditional about my candles. I’ll use color everywhere, but never a colored candle at the table. Nor do I recommend anything with a scent, even in your living room far from the dining table. Your guests should only be smelling the feast they are about to eat.


4. Get Real

Thanksgiving is the most special meal of the year, so be sure it feels special too. Real linen napkins are a must (it’s ok if they are a little wrinkled - linen wrinkles are rich wrinkles). This goes for everything else as well: real china, real stemware, real silverware, real flowers, etc.

Elements of Style

Elements of Style

5. Know Your Place

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but nothing makes a Thanksgiving dinner feel more elegant to me than a place card. It’s just a lovely personalized touch that makes your guests feel special. Be as simple or elaborate with the place cards as you like. I definitely prefer them to be hand-lettered as well. This a great job for a talented teen family member, if your own penmanship is lacking. Or go all out and hire a calligrapher for an extra-special touch.

Use these tips to create a lovely memory-filled event! You’ve all got three weeks… ready, set, go!