5 Tips for Raising Your Curb Appeal

I’ve been thinking lately about the exterior of my home - what colors we might use and what door would be the best. Curb appeal is so key! It welcomes your guests and family, but it also is great for resale if it isn’t your forever home. So what can you do to boost your curb appeal? Let’s take a look!


1. Color smart.

Choose your exterior colors carefully – you want them to enhance and complement the architecture. But you can still have fun with unexpected color, like on your front door!


2. Make historical references.

Play to history by adding in great details that will reference your home’s past. If you have a colonial home, add real working shutters. Or if you own a midcentury gem, give it a space-age door knob. Keep history in mind.


3. Lead the way.

Lead the eye to your front door with plantings and flowers. I love big pots of blooms lining a sidewalk – they invite you right up onto the porch!


4. Yes, you can be quirky.

Of course you can be whimsical with your home’s exterior – but always keep cost and resale in mind. You don’t want to have to repaint that purple exterior that you loved just so you can sell your house to people who don’t get it. So use your door’s hardware, your mailbox, or another less-expensive option to show your personality!


5. Light it up.

Be sure there’s plenty of gorgeous lighting to showcase your home at night, too! Use pendants, sconces, and maybe even a spotlight to highlight your home’s style!

Now back to planning the curb appeal of my own home!