Gorgeous Gardens

As you know if you've been reading my blog, I'm starting on a recovery/remodel of my house 10 months after Hurricane Harvey flooded it, along with thousands of others in my home city. One part of our home that I can't wait to see revive is the outdoor areas. We live on a golf course, so there's always something green and gorgeous nearby, but I miss my plants, trees, and flowers! So I'm looking for a little outdoor inspiration!

Landscape artist Tim Stoddard, via Atlanta homes & Lifestyles

Landscape artist Tim Stoddard, via Atlanta homes & Lifestyles

I do love a garden gate covered in flowering vines - it says welcome like nothing else can!


I also like the idea of defining paths with a combination of gravel and cobblestones, as you see in the garden above.


While I'm waiting for the plantings in our yard to mature and fill in, I would love to have stunning containers like these woven baskets for blooms to brighten our day! 


Since we're starting over again from scratch, it might be fun to try a single color theme! The hard part would be choosing which color....

And of course we'll need places to sit and enjoy the new garden - that's really the best part, right? I'm so looking forward to having our home back, and to enjoying those outdoor spaces!

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