Top 3 Kitchen Solutions

The kitchen is the one room in the house that has to be organized in order to function at peak performance. But there are 3 issues the drive every cook crazy, all of which can be solved with great organization. Let’s take a look!

How often have you scrabbled around in a drawer looking for the whisk? Or do you have one of those giant tubs with all of your gadgets stuffed inside? Instead of a tangled mess, consider drawer dividers on a diagonal! They give you better organization, and there’s room for the longer tools, like rolling pins!

Cutting boards, cookie sheets, and cake pans can make you crazy. Stacked up, they are impossible to get to. And if you have them in that drawer under the stove, you know how frustrating it can be to pull out the right one. So consider cabinet dividers like these – they can be purchased and added to any existing cabinet to help you sort through all of your pans!

We all love our kitchen gadgets and small appliances – but they take up valuable real estate on the counter. Pull-out shelves like these can be purchased at any home/hardware store. They give you a lot of organization while also hiding tools that you only use every now and then!

What do you think of these kitchen solutions? You can find more of my organizing ideas on my pinboard here!