Runway Inspiration

If I ever have “designer’s block,” there is always one place that will light my creative fire again – Fashion! Fashion is the springboard for so many colors and styles in home decor. As soon as I see a gorgeous look walking down the runway, I begin to imagine how I would use the colors and fabrics in a room.           

This “millennial pink” dress from Chanel would be the perfect inspiration for a softly neutral room like this one from Pastel Interior Design.

Or a peacock color on a dress from Carolina Herrera might encourage you to try a moody blue in your home like this one from Share Design.

Or maybe a whimsical look from Elie Saab will make you rethink a fun pattern in a kids’ room like this superstar from Sissy and Marley!

See why I go for fashion to kickstart new idea? So what inspires you?