Passport to Inspiration

I’m continuing a theme I started earlier this week, of telling you where I get my design inspirations. Travel is always inspiring to me! Whether it’s new colors, scents, or sights, I always come home full of new ideas and techniques I want to try. Here are some of my favorite destinations for inspiration!

Paris is, of course, the ultimate destination for people who love design. And although I love the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower as much as anyone, I also find inspiration along the side streets of the city!

Greece inspires the trifecta of design: color, pattern, shape!

The beach is always a source of respite and inspiration for me, like this gorgeous Cinque Terre destination in Italy.

The Summer Palace in Beijing is a riot of color and fantastic patterns!

And a quintessential English garden, like this one in Norfolk, refreshes the spirit and offers a stunning display of color and form.

So where do you find inspiration? Let me know!