House Tour: Living Spaces

This month I’m taking you on a virtual home tour of my favorite spaces and designs! Today we’re going to look at living spaces that are not only stunning, but are perfectly designed for gathering and entertaining! Let’s start the tour:

Seating is the key to any good gathering space, like the gorgeous sofas and chairs in Kathy Kuo’s design above. I love the shapes and the beautiful blue.

Visual interest makes a big impact in living space, like the art, gorgeous light fixture, and patterned rugs in this room by Louisa Roeder.

Color and pattern create a cozy spot for reading or music in this home by Tom Scherer.

I added plenty of tables for drinks or books in this living room I designed, above.

Suysel dePedro Cunningham of Tilton Fenwick creates an inviting library in varying shades of green, perfect for welcoming guests, or settling in for some alone time with a book.

What do you think of these amazing living spaces? For more great living spaces, see my pinboard here. And be sure to join me next week for another stop on our spring home tour!