House Tour: Working from Home

It’s amazing how many people work from home now! In fact, new studies of homes today show that over 60% of people work in their homes for at least part of the week. So home offices have gone from being a secondary thought, to gorgeously designed spaces that function perfectly for home work.

So for the next stop on my month-long spring home tour, I want to take a look at some of the most stunning – and functional – home offices. Let’s start the tour!

Betsy Burnham adds color and pattern to the home office above, perfect for sparking creative thoughts!

Who says you have to use a boring office chair? I love the bergere in this office by Garrow Kedigian – and check out that blue lacquer!

Want to make a big impact in a small space? Built-ins are perfect for that, like the one here from Jenny Tamplin.

Brian Watford goes to neutral territory with his luxe organic home office with just a hint of teal blue.

Amie Korley makes it a duo in a home office built for two – and with plenty of fabulous storage to boot!

So what do you think of these hardworking home offices? I have even more to show you on my pinboard here! And next week we’ll take a spin through some chic kids spaces!