4 Tips for the Chicest Home Office

Today I’m sharing four simple ways to spruce up your home office space. Don’t fall into the same look that’s been out there, year after year. With just a few easy upgrades, you’ll have the chicest home office on the block! Take a look. 

1. Forget the standard, boring office chair in brown or black. Instead, go for a gorgeous, upholstered chair that gives you all the comfort you need with way more sophistication than the typical chair you might expect. 

2.  Ramp up the color.  An office is a room that can take a lot of color because it's a space that needs to provide energy and inspiration. What’s one, quick way to achieve a ton of motivational color? A huge piece of art as a backdrop.

3. Out with the brown executive desk and in with something glam and gorgeous! Go shopping especially with a unique desk in mind and be willing to step out of the cookie cutter mold that is so easy to fall into with the home office.

4. Keep organized without being boring. Look for great boxes, trays, shelves, etc. that will help you keep things neat and tidy in a fun and eye-catching way!

I hope these examples get you thinking about how you can bring more “ooh and aah” to your home office. You won’t be disappointed!