6 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Work for You

I am a huge fan of incorporating function into the home. I’ve still got a New Year’s Resolution vibe going, so in that spirit I’m sharing with you several ways you can make your kitchen work for you. These are relatively quick and easy kitchen upgrades that will make all the difference in the way you prepare meals, while keeping things clean and orderly. After all, a well-organized and functional home is just as important as a gorgeous home. 

1. Create a hidden storage area for small appliances. This will help you keep those countertops clear, which is so important to opening up the area and banishing clutter.

2. Put items right where you need them. Set up your kitchen so that spices are near the stove, coffee mugs are within reach of the coffee maker, etc. I love this combination drawer that house spices and measuring cups and spoons just inches away from the stove.

3. The same goes for this accessory drawer. Think out of the box with specialty drawers and cabinets that work for the way you cook. Everything you need is right within a hand’s reach — plus, once again, those countertops are clean and clear.

4. One of my favorite things to do is to take cabinets right to the top of the ceiling so that you use every square inch of space to accommodate all of your dishware in manageable stacks.

5. Tame the things that make us crazy. A set up like this helps you bring order to items like pot lids, baking sheets and cutting boards — the things that typically never seem easy to put away. This organizational answer is perfect!

6. Finally, add outlets and lights where you need them to make your tasks much easier. It is well worth the up-front time to think this through and make it happen. Imagine the inconvenience you’ll spare yourself when kitchen tasks are simple and accessible.

Organization is not only a great investment — it can be super fun in the process!