Winter Whites

January is the traditional month for "white sales" and for good reason. With winter all around us and images of pristine snow on our minds, this is a great time of year to embrace the clean beauty and easy workability of winter whites. 

One of the easiest places to work with white is in the bedroom. What says luxury and a great night’s sleep more than plush, winter-white bedding? I designed this bedroom to offer a great contrast between dark and light, curve and corner, and it creates a dreamy space for my clients.

Often, it’s tempting to bathe walls in deep, rich colors, but sometimes the perfect shade of white is all you need to let the features of a special space sing, like in this hallway in one of my projects. The white is bordered nicely with dark wood and stone.

My last portfolio image features more of the fantastic architectural details that make my job much more play than work. Sprawling windows let in a beautiful flood of light — the perfect reason to let the space be awash in white. I made one exception: a few accents in a jewel-tone blue so that both colors would be more vibrant in combination. When working with white, one easy pop of color brings a lot of life and energy to the room.

I hope this post gives you some inspiration to dress your room in a wonderful, winter white!