Happening Halls

Hallways tend to be forgotten by many homeowners. It’s easy to treat them simply as pass-throughs or connectors from one room to the next. Today I want to open our eyes to the possibilities from door to door when we add a few creative touches to liven up the hall.

In this hall I designed, I used an original artwork at the end of the hall to draw the viewer through the space.

Consider the shape of things. If you have rounded archways, why not emphasize them with beautiful decorative molding — a fairly minimal update that offers maximum effect.

Architectural Digest

I love a hallway with storage. What a great way to use the space and create small vignettes to express your decorating style.

A sunlit hallway transforms an ordinary space into an experience, especially if just beyond the windows lies a gorgeous garden or a charming courtyard. 


Often we think about reading areas or even mini art galleries in a hallway, but the idea of a music nook feels distinctive and refined. 

This one’s a classic that’s worth repeating: A hallway is a great spot for a family photo gallery that will inspire you and your guests to slow down and peruse the images for a while.


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