Grey Matters

Grey (or gray) — or even greige (the combination of grey and beige) — is a popular neutral, and an important color in the world of design. It serves as a foundation, a base, a calming color, both warm and cool, and so much more. 

Greige is closely akin to taupe, with a lot of gorgeous options in hues light to dark.

Even though greys are so monochromatic, you can still opt for some drama by creating contrast among the varying hues. Here, a darker countertop and pantry stand out beautifully against the softer hues in the kitchen.

Opting for lighter hues? You still can achieve lovely contrast from one grey to the next.

The use of greys doesn’t mean you can’t go for a more opulent feel, if that’s more your style. This royal-looking living room is luxurious — from the throw pillows to the draperies to the eye-catching mirror — even though the scheme is grey all day.

Below is another stately room, but with a lighter, more feminine feel. And I love the grey-hued planked flooring.

For a cleaner, more modern look, the image below shows another option; this one with a Moroccan bent. Remember that metals mix extremely well with a grey color scheme. 

The ideas for different takes on greys go on for days and days. Find more grey-inspired room designs on my pinboard.