Inspired by: Toile

Fabrics are always a huge source of inspiration for me as I begin to design a room—and what better fabric to inspire than one that tells a story? Also known as the storytelling cloth, toile is a fabric from the French word meaning "linen cloth" or "canvas.” Its scenes are based on true stories, historical literature, and mythological legends.

Toile has been around for hundreds of years and still is used as a much-loved design element in many modern homes. People are charmed by the repeated surface decoration printed on the fabric in just about any kind of color you can imagine:

Many designers looks for smaller spaces like a hallway or bathroom to create accents like a toile-covered wall:

With its charming patterns and colors, toile is perfect for romancing a bedroom in toile pillows and drapes:

Some toile lovers like to completely cover walls and ceilings with the toile pattern of their choice:

Others simply opt for a single piece of furniture covered in a statement-making toile:

Whatever look inspires you, find more lovely examples on my Toile pinboard to give you some great ideas.