Inspired by: Degas

The Museum of Fine Art Houston will be hosting an exciting exhibit in October: Degas: A New Vision. I can’t wait to see this wonderful collection. I find Degas’ work with color and light so inspiring, and I love the way in which he was able to capture movements and moments in time.

According to the museum’s description, Degas: A New Vision offers the most significant international survey in three decades of the work. While most of us think only of Degas’s ballet imagery, there is so much more. At the exhibit, you’ll be able to see examples of his painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and photography.

I admit that some of my favorite pieces are the ballet depictions. Soft, muted colors, depth of imagery, a moment in time that tells a story—and the small pops of color courtesy of the girls’ ribbons—are all just so gorgeous and intriguing.

Maybe it’s the interior designer in me, but in Rehearsal Hall in the Opera, my eye can’t resist the architecture in the room—the arched doorway, the columns, the exaggerated crown moulding.

Racehorses in a Landscape in another favorite for its incredible balance of color and texture that looks almost touchable. It reminds me of exactly what makes a well-designed interior sing with style and personality.

I do hope that you can swing by Houston and spend a little time in Degas’ world. If not, make plans to head to your local museum of art and take in the amazing inspiration that artists of kind have to offer.