One-Hit Wonders

If you love neutral decor, but you don’t want to go so achromatic that your space is sleepy and lacks personality, all you need is a one-hit wonder — a pop of bright color to liven things up.

When done right, a little pop of color will create a big effect for your room, drawing the eye and attracting the most compliments and conversation. Think fun, excitement, bold and these!

A small piece of furniture that is oozing with personality and punch. I love the unexpected shot of hot pink inside.

Throw pillows and blankets make creating a pop of color oh-so-simple. Even better when you add a small accessory, like the apothecary bottle with blossoms that you see here.

Remember when I said to be bold? What better example than bright yellow bar stools against a black and white kitchen? I bet I know where your eye is taking you!

Another thing to consider as you add pops of color is spacing and shape, and the way that they can direct the eye around the room. Check out the triumvirate of pink that brings visual energy from the chairs to the centerpiece to the gorgeous hanging crystals. 

Sometimes creating a pop of color is as simple as finding three like-colored objects and placing them near each on shelves or furniture. 

Whatever your preferred pop of color is, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on my Pop of Color pinboard. Have fun and enjoy!