Line Up

Stripes are a fantastic design element, and here’s why: They are simple yet spectacular, clean yet clever. Take a look at some of the different ways you can transform a room simply by adding a striped pattern on the walls—painted or with wallpaper.

On the top of my list is this bold and beautiful single, green stripe painted on the wall, floor and ceiling. I love taking risks like this - is there a space where you can take a similar approach?

Horizontal wide stripes are almost always a winner, and black and white is a great way to go because it creates a backdrop that is equal parts eye-catching and elegant. 

In the bathroom, don’t forget that you can use tile for a clean, striped look in the shower, wall to wall.

If you’re into wallpaper, here’s a great example of one that incorporates three colors in wide bands that work together to create dimension.

So, how about it? Are you sold on stripes? Check out my Walk the Line pinboard for more samples that will inspire you!