Inspired by: Highland Fling

Tartans are finding popularity again in design and fashion, so today I’m feeling inspired by the fabrics of the Highlands.

These plaids and patterns are historically set with symbolism, letting groups and clans recognize friends and foes at a glance. Today, the sky’s the limit on which colors and stripes you choose!

Traditional patterns mix freely with new colorways:

Mixing and matching isn’t just accepted, it’s encouraged:

Fabrics aren’t the only material to get into the tartan trend:

This example of tartan-inspired upholstery demonstrates how to pull out one color, like purple, and showcase it:

Walls bedecked in tartan design allow you to decorate with a menswear style that is classic and tasteful:

Chances are you’ll be seeing more plaid now that it’s fall. Why not incorporate some tasteful tartan style into the home as well?