Inspired by: Chinese Tile

Many designers and homeowners love to use Chinese tiles in their decorating, and I’m wild about the modern take on these ancient motifs.

The history of Chinese is fascinating. The tiles and patterns are thousands of years old, when trade routes were opened between Europe and China during the 13th century, an interest in Chinese products led to the creation of Italian Chinoiserie in the form of 14th century silks, made at the Lucca silk factories, and blue-and-white porcelain that was produced in the late 16th century at the Medici porcelain works.

Today, while some Chinoiserie patterns on tile are traditional, others modernize familiar patterns. Let’s take a look and see if you can imagine any of these in your home!

Traditional Chinese patterns in lovely Delft blue:

These Chinese patterns were inspired by Mahjong tiles:

Here in older roof tiles, the dragon is in the details:

A fantastic blue, white and red floral design that almost looks as if it’s blowing in the wind:

A traditional Chinese pattern vector that draws your eyes for days:

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