Inspired by: Bed Draperies

At one time, the bed was the most important piece of furniture in the home; it was even considered a symbol of status and wealth. And because homes were typically quite cold, draperies pulled around the bed were not only attractive, they were a necessity.

Plus, window curtains were virtually non-existent until the 16th century, so keeping out light was another important role of bed draperies. The bed curtains of old were usually made of expensive imported fabrics like tapestry, rich velvet or brocatelle (a type of silk strengthened with linen).

These historical trend is finding new life in bedrooms today, so how do we translate bed draperies into our modern lifestyle?

Partition off a bed in the middle of the room to give it its own cozy space:

Use dark drapery panels to accent a light-colored bed for contrast:

House Beautiful

Go for a Moroccan theme, with bright colors and wispy, sheer fabric:

Create a color combination of black, cream and gold for a rich and regal look:

Not all draperies need to be ultra dramatic or romantic. Be whimsical and fun with your fabric choice:

Whatever your style, there is a bed drapery for everyone. Find more looks on my Canopy pinboard.