Inspired by: Moroccan Tile

Moroccan tiles are nothing short of mesmerizing. The colors and patterns command attention like no other design element. It’s amazing to think that Moroccan tiles go all the way back to 711 A.D., just as the Moors conquered Spain and also introduced a number of artistic techniques to Europe, including a distinctive way to paint ceramic tiles—with complex, geometrical forms.

Laboriously baked, hand cut and painted by designers who mimic the styles from 1300 years ago, Moroccan tiles, breathtaking as they are, can be expensive. But, remember, you only need a little for big effect.

Cover the floor in bold, rich color that stands the test of time and brightens your morning. 

Make your shower glow in gorgeous patterns and hues. What a way to wake up!

Add undeniable charm to your kitchen by covering a backsplash in your favorite tile design.

Liven up an otherwise tonal and conservative space with a splash of Moroccan tile — the best accent there is!

I can’t get over this sink design. It’s the perfect example of taking a small space and making it absolutely fabulous!

Want more Moroccan marvels? Take a look at my Tile Talk pinboard and let me know what inspires you.