Built-In Bars

Entertaining at home is becoming more popular than ever. The resurgence of “socializing in” instead of going out is ushering back in the cocktail hour. So, it’s great timing that today I’m bringing you a few great examples of built-in bars.

No matter your style, there are plenty of clever ways to incorporate a bar into your home. If wine is your thing, go for a configuration that gives you plenty of storage for bottles and glasses, complete with a wine fridge:

Select a custom design that allows you to choose what elements you want most, such as slide out beverage drawers:

I love the idea of an armoire that allows you to keep your bar hidden away. When cocktail hour hits and it’s time for the bar to open, your guests will love stopping by for a drink when they see what’s behind Door #3:

I also love the blend of textures and surfaces in this bar, which combines brick, reclaimed wood, brushed steel, and deep black:

Or, why not convert a butler’s pantry into the perfect off-to-the side bar for an ideal place to host cocktails and conversations:

Here’s a gorgeous look at another bar that is inset in the wall— this time, it’s surrounded by stunning stonework:

Are you considering “raising the bar” on cocktail hour? Check out my Raising the Bar pinboard for more ideas to get you started. Cheers!