Animal Parade

There’s no question: People have been “wild” for animal prints of all sorts for decades. On walls, in accessories, on their clothing. In fact, animal prints been such a mainstay of fashion and interior design, they're now considered a classic print.

One thing that makes animal prints so great is that a little goes a long way. Let’s take a look at some smashing examples.

Dalmatian-spotted walls — a unique and ultra-cool way to put black and white to work! 

Or...why not walk a little on the wild side with a leopard-print runner for your hallway? 

I love this zebra-print carpet for the stairs, especially with the luscious lime-colored trim at the edges. 

While we’re on the topic of zebra prints, I love this piece of furniture painted to give a room a splash of safari style.

These leopard-upholstered dining room chairs give an otherwise subdued room a pop of animal energy. 

Amanda Carol Interiors

If you want to take chances and go a little “wild,” a bathroom is a great place to experiment and be playful with your design. Check out this example, which shows a floor-to-ceiling animal print wallpaper that reflects beautifully, both in the mirror and on the homeowner’s sense of style. 

For more animal-inspired examples, visit my Leopard Luxe and Animal Prints pinboards to see which ones YOU love the most!




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