Inspired by: Travel

It's the time of year to get away. While nearby locales can be exciting and restorative, the interior designer in me is especially inspired by the art, images, and environments of far-off lands.

Take, for instance, the gorgeous views of Lake Orta in Piemonte, Italy, with its waterside cafes and majestic mountain backdrop. I love the way orange meets blue and green in this image, making it appear almost as if it’s a work of art.

This shot of the sun-brellas on Montorosso Beach is drenched with all of the colors and patterns that make a designer’s mind swim with ideas. 

Aside from making me want to hop a plane immediately, Giola Lagoon in Greece reminds me of the powerful effect of spaces awash with color...choosing a hue that you adore and drenching a room, ceiling to floor.

The Alsace region benefits from both French and German influences. In this photo, I love the attention-getting shutters that pepper the village facade.

This photo from Chateau de Chantilly, France, exudes a mood that can be conveyed only through a mysterious mist and subdued colors — the perfect inspiration for an interior that you want to be cool and calming. 

Visit my Travel Ticket pinboard for more travel images that will inspire both your next destination and your next design project.



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