Inspired by: Flights of Fancy

Design is about art. It’s about allowing great art to stretch your mind and your perspective so that you can go beyond the boundaries of what you might typically imagine to find what's new and unique.

Out-of-the-box ideas may not be something that you want to recreate exactly in your own home, but they can provide inspiration for your own ideas.

Like this door, for instance. The entryway is awash, a lush combination of purple and green with a gorgeous, radiating design on the door itself to welcome you in.

Here is a very modern and free form take on the staircase, one that “floats” from one floor to the next. 

And here is a staircase with real “curve appeal.”

Book lovers have all kinds of options for displaying their treasures, but one of my favorites is this floral design made out of white boxes arranged in the shape of a beautiful blossom.

Sliding doors open up the possibility for a variety of clever designs. I love the idea of using a great, raw-edged piece of wood. 

Traditional Home

This door proves that you can be as creative and boundary-pushing as you want to exceed design expectations. Have you ever seen an entryway like it?

View more out-of-the-box images on my Just Because pinboard, and see how far your own creativity can reach!



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