Inspired by: Dutch Tile

With its charming and intricate blue and white designs, Dutch tile is unmistakable. Used for centuries in home decor, the history of Dutch tile — also called Delft tile after a region in the Netherlands — goes back to the early 1600s when blue and white porcelain from China first arrived in the area. Even though they couldn’t recreate true Chinese porcelain, Dutch potters were keen on imitating the unique look.

The look of Dutch tile is classic, but they are also perfect for modern interiors and much admired by homeowners and their guests. Take a look at some of the different ways that Dutch tiles can be used to create eye-catching areas of interest around the home.

As an accent on the staircase, step by gorgeous step:

As a beautiful backsplash in the kitchen:

Showcased in the kitchen sink, making clean-up a joy:

Mounted around a fireplace, with a traditional image, like sailing ships:

Covering an entire area, from the wall to the countertop to the dishes, for a real standout space:

Browse through my Tile Talk pinboard for more gorgeous examples of gorgeous Dutch tiles found in and around the home.



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