5 Fab Foyers

When seeking inspiration in interior design, it’s exciting to look at the truly fabulous. Foyers are one of the first impressions of the home. They’re where we greet our guests and linger for long good-byes.

While the foyers below may be more grandiose than the typical home, we can take inspiration from each one. For example, reimagine your staircase. What kind of statement can you make with your railing?

I love this elegant table and chair combination. Does your entry have enough space for a small sitting area? Make the most of it.

This foyer brings the outside in with natural planked wood and lanterns accenting the staircase. But what I love the most is the balance between natural materials and glamorous accents, like the chandelier and armchair.

Entryways that open up to staircases have more potential than you may realize. Why not put comfortable seating on the landing? And what a great way to use a simple table and two ottomans for real effect!

Don’t forget that your foyer may be the ideal place to tuck a piano or to create a small area for another kind of hobby that you enjoy — reading, drawing, crafting.

Want to find more ways to make your foyer inviting for guests and for yourself? Visit my Entry Ways pinboard and discover all of the possibilities!