Inspired by: Orange

Colors project emotions, and for me orange means happiness. In fact, I believe orange is the happiest color there is, which makes it one of my favorites.

One thing I love about orange is its versatility. You can pair it with almost any color, and it always looks fresh. Pull together cream and a little khaki with a few tasteful touches of orange for a more calm, subdued look. Simple, purposeful, clean. 

Designer Kate Coughlin Interiors

For a more dramatic feel, orange and black wins every time. In the example below, notice that orange is used on just a few key pieces — the draperies and the sofa — but the effect is outstanding against black walls and accessories. 

Geoffrey De Dousa Interior Design

Below you can see how the right accent painted in orange changes the entire mood of a room. I love that orange is used to accentuate a window. We’re in our kitchens every morning, getting ready for the day. Orange says, “Be happy” - what a way to start off the day!

The modern look relies a lot on orange for its boldness. It’s a hue that pairs well with spaces that are stark and clean.

Why not put orange everywhere? Floors to ceiling and everything in between — a room soaked in orange just works. As long as you use the same hue or pull together hues that coordinate well, you can’t go wrong.

Craving more orange in your life? Visit my pinboard for a variety of examples that inspire all kinds of great ideas.