The Great Outdoors

In the summertime, we dine, we nap, we lounge, we play and live outdoors. Kitchens and baths may be the best investment in terms of home value and resell, but there’s nothing quite like the payoff of having a beautiful, relaxing outdoor room.

Why not make the fireplace the centerpiece? This terrace boasts one a large, stone fireplace as the backdrop to a gorgeous dining and lounge setting. 

Architectural Digest designer Carrier & Co. Interiors

Dial up the romance for your outdoor space with hanging lanterns, sleek tables, multiple cozy seating areas, and a variety of candles to set the mood. 

Take the fire pit to a new level of hot. Rather than Adirondack chairs and individual seating, go for circular bench seating with lots of pillows.

I love the idea of a patterned floor for the outdoors because it accentuates the feeling of having a room outside. An oversized chandelier adds to the effect, and a lush combination of cream and brown give an aura of sophistication. 

Create the same environment on a porch — chandelier lighting, curtains, even pictures on the wall to give your outdoor, airy space the feel of a thoughtfully appointed interior and a peaceful spot for family meals.

Designer LGB Interiors

Sometimes one or two updates can completely change your space. Cover a patio with a few walls and a roof to make an adorable outdoor getaway. Add a mirror to increase the sense of space, and then make plans to get comfy on seating that takes up the perimeter. 

House Beautiful, designer Jesse Carrier

Want more ideas for outdoor spaces that inspire? Take a look at my pinboard to get started.