Keep it Clean

With so many great spaces in the home, is it wrong to love the laundry room? I say, not at all! If you’re ready for a laundry room re-do, I’ve got some great designs to consider. Storage, style, and functionality — these examples have it all.

It seems like the laundry room ends up being a bit of a catch-all space, where stray socks, pins, and other accessories need a place to go. I like the different options for storage in the laundry room below. 

Even if you’re tight on space, you can find ways to design your laundry room for supreme functionality. Here, a stackable washer/dryer is key, opening up the opportunity for folding space, storage — even an ironing board. 

Then you have the laundry room of your dreams. Spacious and feminine, equally well-appointed and well-decorated, this is the kind of laundry room that transforms labor into luxury.

Some homes combine the mudroom, or drop zone, with the laundry area — a brilliant option since both spaces are crucial to our daily coming and going. 

Sometimes the key to a great laundry area is remembering to decorate in the first place. Put a topiary or plant in the space. Find some unique glass jars for storage of oft-used items. Include a chair or stool so that you have a place to sit and work or read as you wait for the final cycle to complete. You’ll be loving your laundry room with just a few simple updates. 

Find more ideas to help you start fresh in your laundry room on my Laundry Luxe pinboard.