Inspired by Spring Color: Sky Blue

To wrap up my Spring Color Series, I’ve chosen the can’t-go-wrong color of Sky Blue. With its many variations, this blue is one of the most classic decorating colors out there. In fact, it you study the use of color in architecture and design throughout history, you’ll see that light blue appears in traditional motifs that date back thousands of years.

Let’s look at some of today’s lovely examples of light blue, starting with façades. From front doors to entire home exteriors bathed in blue, this is a color that is pleasing to the eye in almost every instance.

Did you know that light blue can visually increase a room’s size? From bathrooms to kitchens — like those seen below — to bedrooms, living rooms and dens, sky blue creates extends the line of vision. And it gets along particularly well with whites and browns.

Whether your preference is baby blue, powder blue, angel blue or any of the other many names for this shade, light blue is ultra calming and easy on the eye. If you visit my Coastal Cool pinboard, you’ll find many more examples of how to use this color to bring true sense of grace and peace to your home.