Inspired by: Oversized Art

One piece of art — especially if it’s oversized — can inform and inspire an entire room. Let an impressive piece of art anchor the room, and study a piece for color, time period, and other inspirations that will give you a creative vision for the rest of the room.

Create an attractive sitting area directly in front of the piece so that the art can set a mood, a tone and a focal point for the room:

Draw the eye to a statement piece, and choose contrasting colors that work well with the palette on the wall: 

Designer Katie Ridder

Or choose colors directly from the palette in your piece of art:

Let the art be the main source of color in the room, and keep your decor in a supporting role:

Be bold. Even a space that does not look like it could accommodate an oversized piece of art might just be the perfect opportunity:

Designer John Robshaw

There is no end to the possibilities that great, oversized art offers just about any room in the home. Take a look at my Oversized Art board for more examples, and see what exciting new life you can bring to your space!