Inspired by: Ceilings

In well-designed spaces, looking up sometimes brings a surprise, especially when the ceiling gets the attention it deserves. Treating it like a "fifth wall" in the room can yield high impact.

Like the photo below says, this ceiling is a showstopper from its color to its pattern to its long shape, which points to the window at the end of the closet. 

From Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, Interior Design by Lee Kleinhelter

 A vibrant collection of stripes framed by thick, dramatic moulding and accented by a romantic chandelier give this bedroom a fantastic finish, bottom to top.

Suna Interior Design

Brick isn’t just for walls, paths and exteriors. In this space, a combination of beams and brick give guests every reason to look up in admiration. I especially love how the curves complement clean, straight lines for a sense of balance that is pleasing to the eye.

When it comes to stained glass, why let the windows and doors have all the fun?

Patterns can give your ceiling some pizzazz. Here’s an example of super-clean and oh-so-charming and cute gingham in a lovely green shade. This kitchen’s fresh, adorable look wouldn’t be complete without a ceiling that makes a statement.


For more examples of statement-making ceilings, visit my pinboard!