Inspired by: A Room with a View

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Make the most of what you’ve got.” Well, if your space has an amazing window, and even better an amazing view, you’ll definitely want to make the most of it. A room with a view can inspire your decor in unique and beautiful ways.

Like this cityscape window with a dramatic, arched design. This is not a window you just pass by. It’s a centerpoint. Park the sofa and chairs right in front it, and plan most of your gatherings right here, in the room that offers the best view. 

Some spaces have unique windows that not only look appealing, but open in interesting ways. Why not get as close to the view as possible and convert the window into a place to curl up and gaze outside?

If you’re lucky enough to have entire wall of windows (especially one that overlooks a natural area or a body of water), I love the idea of waking up to the view every morning. 

While some might say they are distracted by windows while they are working, I would argue that most people find windows and great views incredibly inspiring. Create a workspace that takes full advantage of it, and watch how your productivity and mood takes on a whole new outlook!

Perhaps you’ve got a windowed entryway that leads out to a breezeway, porch or garden — or the potential for one. If a standard doorway with plaster walls allow for only a small peak at what’s beyond the door, open up the space and put in a massive window that will completely change the look and feel of the room!

Get inspired by more rooms with a view on my pinboard, where you’ll find a lot more examples of beautiful windows and vistas.