5 Ways to Rock that Rug

There’s no doubt about it, a rug can make or break a room. When making your selection, don’t view rugs as a challenge; see them as the fun opportunity to show off your unique style and inspiring space. With that in mind, I’m sharing Five Ways to Rock That Rug!

Number One: Choose a rug that allows you to add graphic detail to the room. 

Traditional Home Magazine, Designer Tom Stringer

Number Two: If your design style is tonal and subdued in color, rugs can help you define the space and add elements of interest that direct the eye around the room. 

Designed by Geoffrey Bradfield

Number Three: Do you have a room that has a lot going on — in a good way? Tie is all together with a rug that grounds the color scheme and provides a common foundation upon which all of your other design elements can stand.

Designer F. Schumacher & Co. with Mary McDonald

Number Four: Do you want your space to have a more playful personality? Skip the one-color, no-pattern rugs and take a chance on a vibrant piece with dimension.

Number Five: Of any space in any home, stairs seem to offer the best opportunity to make a statement, especially since they are contained areas that connect one floor to the next. Be creative, be bold, and be wowed every time you walk up the steps.

Anne Hepfer Designs

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