Inspired by Spring Color: Lavender

When is the last time you worked with the unique and lovely spring hue lavender? Lavender is not a widely used color, but the arrival of spring is wonderful inspiration for discovering the dewy freshness and femininity that it can bring to any room in your home.

Elegant and versatile, lavender is a mix of violet and white, but it can include an immense spectrum of colors, from light purples to pale pinks, to blues and grays.

Let’s look at a few ways to use lavender in a sweet and tasteful way that are utterly memorable — from settees to dining rooms to beautiful bay windows settings.

True fans of lavender know how to design with this color in unique and daring ways, and the payoff is astounding. Lavender kitchens and bathroom? Why not!

Peruse my Luscious Lavender pinboard for my ideas on using this color to bring new life to your space. After all, rejuvenation is what spring is all about, right?