Inspiration: Menswear

Some classic, but exciting, patterns are coming back, enticing us to decorate with the clean and tailored look of menswear. With houndstooth, pinstripe, chevron, paisley — things are getting extra handsome around the home!

The easiest way to incorporate this trend into your home design is through fabrics and other textiles.

Houndstooth, for example, is one pattern I can’t resist:

Chevron is another great look with masculine appeal, perhaps bringing a slightly more modern look:

Paisley is the most feminine of them all. Notice the layering of patterns here, which works just beautifully:

The pinstripe just might be the most quintessential fabric that menswear has ever known. Lucky for us, it also happens to be easy to work with and easy on the eyes. 

There's a reason a good pinstripe suit never goes out of style! Menswear patterns are classics that are meant to stand the test of time. Check out my pinboard for more if you, too, are attracted to dashing decor.