Exterior Exam

Warm weather months are coming, which means more time outside enjoying patios, decks, pergolas and gardens. But don’t wait until summer is in full swing to take a close look at the exterior of your home. Take time now to assess what exciting updates you can make to unveil refreshed outdoor spaces.

Repaint. Replant. Reimagine. This post pulls from my architecture and outdoor living pinboards to share some great outdoor living ideas that will help you rediscover the joys of being outside, at home.

One Idea: Refresh with what you have. Bring new life to your current space simply by purchasing bright pillows, hanging candles, a new rug, pots of flowers.

Get creative when it comes to the details. Here are some delightful examples of charming ways to mount and hang plants and accessories.  I love the flip-down sideboard!

Thinking of adding a space that does not currently exist? A well designed outdoor living space can be a valuable addition to your home. Consider the type of activities you in which you want to engage — outdoor dining, cooking, entertaining, and more. 

I hope spring brings you lots of new energy and ideas. It’s such a fun time of year to bring a renewed sense of purpose not only to our homes, but to ourselves and how we interact with one another.