Closet Couture

A thoughtfully designed closet that surrounds you daily with style and organization can be one of the smartest investments. Think about the time you spend managing your clothes — storing them, organizing them, switching them out as seasons change, and, of course, selecting your attire each day.

Take a look at some ideas for creating feminine and masculine closets that are functional but fabulous extensions of your bedroom. Hanging storage in smaller sections tend to stay neater. Dressing and seating areas make a it space to live in. And my personal favorite, an island provides extra storage for folding laundry or packing clothes.

Many people struggle with what to do with shoes. How can you store and showcase all of your different styles and option — neatly, conveniently, attractively? Here are a few examples of built-in shoe storage, from boxes to open shelves and drawers.

How about storage for your jewelry, handbags, and accessories? Creating a space for every item makes it possible to grab and go with ease. Check out a few examples of closets in which your personal belongings would be more organized — complete with a boutique feel and great lighting.

Convinced your closet deserves a re-do? You’ll find more ideas over on my Closet Case pinboard.