Baskets and Bikes

We talked last week about how welcome it is that spring is here! It’s time for us all to get back outside, enjoy picnics, bike rides, and even just a walk to enjoy blooms and nature.

There’s no other chic way to get out and about in spring than on a bike with a basket – it’s romantic, nostalgic, and gets you where you need to go. The fashion designer Lela Rose is famous for getting around New York on her bike with a basket, and I dream of doing the same thing one day.

Need a place to carry home those fresh market flowers for tonight’s dinner? How about vintage books you picked up while shopping in the village? A bike basket adds function and style.

The romance of a bike with a basket hearkens back to a nostalgic time. Amazing how a simple, woven basket takes you back to childhood memories at the beach or on the farm — or whatever your personal experience may be.

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