Top 3 Color Picks for 2017

Pantone has released its color palette for spring fashion, and I have a prediction. My gut tells me that one of Pantone’s top choices for spring will go on to be named the 2017 Color of the Year. I’m not sure which one, but I can tell you my personal top 3 picks: Flame, Kale, and Pink Dogwood. Let’s take a closer look at those gorgeous colors!

Pantone says, “A red-based orange, Flame, is gregarious and fun loving. Flamboyant and vivacious, this wonderfully theatrical shade adds fiery heat to the spring 2017 palette.” I see Flame as a happy color and the color of wealth, as seen in the Vive Clicquot and Hermes brands. Here's a photo I took at the Hermes showcase of this gorgeous hue:

According to Pantone, Pale Dogwood is an uber-relaxing hue. “Continuing the tranquil mood, Pale Dogwood is a quiet and peaceful pink shade that engenders an aura of innocence and purity. The unobtrusive Pale Dogwood is a subtle pink whose soft touch infuses a healthy glow.” It’s a color that's been seen as "blush" recently, but it's popular as a neutral and as a color pop. I’m in love with this Cole and Son wallpaper and plan to use it soon:

I think that the Color of the Year will be something more like Kale — maybe even a Hunter Green. Here is photo of lovely Christopher Spitzmiller lamps to showcase the color I have in mind:

Stay tuned to later this month when Pantone will announce the 2017 Color of the Year. Until then, I hope you’re enjoying a colorful fall!