5 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Style

As much as we anticipate the holidays, year after year, it can be challenging to pull together a seasonal look that is fresh and unique. Today, I’ve got a few ideas to help you celebrate the holidays with style. Enjoy!

1. Bring the Green. Use lots of natural greenery to fill your home with nature as well as the delicious scent of pine. 

2. Go for Gorgeous Gold. It's a great time to use a lot of gold and silver to bring a feeling of celebration and to reflect all the warm candlelight and flickering fires.

3. Think Out of the Color Box. Resist the temptation to stick with the standard, and use colors other than red or green. Think about going monochrome with one bright color, like orange, as the feature.

4. Light it up! Put white lights on everything, especially outside, to create a magical welcome for guests. I have clients who leave some of the lights up year round, but remember: If you want to keep the wintery welcome up yearlong, the simpler, the better. 

5. Give it a Unique Spin. Be creative and pull together something unexpected by using unusual materials in distinctive ways. Want a fabulous example? Take a look at this amazing tree I once saw in NY in the Christian Louboutin showroom!

Whatever ways you choose to liven up your holiday decor this year, have fun and, most importantly, take time to enjoy your space and the meaning of the holiday with friends and family!