4 Ways to Bring the Bling

How do you bring the bling into your home? You have to be willing to take some risks — but those risks can pay off in a big way! Today I’m giving you 4 examples of how you can glam up your space. 

1. Choose luxe fabrics like what you see on the Kelley Wearstler souffle chairs above. The pleated emerald leather is supple, textural, and super glitzy.

2. Bring out your wild side and go for exotic materials, like this tiger-eye vanity from Sherle Wagner!

3. Metal accents, like these from the New York Design Center, cast a glamorous glow wherever they are.

4. Finally, fabulous chandeliers, like this one from Vervane, liven up any room and set an artistic, sophisticated tone - so easy!

Thinking of going a little glam in your home? You can’t go wrong with these ideas. Plus, the shopping expedition is just as fun as the finished product!