The Gift of Rest

It is so important to get a lot of rest, especially around the holidays. We know it’s true, but most of us aren’t so good at taking heed. Let the season inspire you to catch up on some zzzz’s. It’s a great time of year to hibernate, so here are a few bedroom designs to inspire much need rest and relaxation!

First, a sophisticated retreat like the one I designed above will beckon you to snuggle up with luxurious linens and cozy down comforters — while surrounded by restful grays, golds, and browns.

Next, go for layered luxury. This bedroom I designed is colorful yet cozy, bright yet bedtime-friendly. 


Don’t forget how important it is to give your guests a fun and inviting place to rest as well. These guest quarters from Century have a touch of Americana — and goodness knows we Americans need to focus on getting more sleep each week!

Finally, who can resist a quiet respite complete with calming colors, just the right amount of light and a lovely area rug to warm things up? I designed this restful retreat for my clients to give them an oasis from their hectic world!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and the most restorative of rests this season!