4 Smart Tips for Using Art

Art is such a fun accessory to work with. So many different styles, so many ways to express your personal taste. When you come home with a great art find, the next big question is “Where and how should I display this new, cool piece?” Today I want to give you a few options to consider — whether you’re planning on doing some art shopping or simply want to reorganize the pieces you currently have on display.

1. Layer it. Don't be afraid to place one piece of art in front of another, as shown above, especially if they complement each other.

2. Create a coordinated gallery. Art looks fabulous hung in a group, especially if each item is designed to work together. This is a great way to use smaller pieces to fill a larger space.

3. Use art as inspiration. If you’re in love with a specific piece, let it determine the palette for the entire room.

4. Create harmony. Use one large anchor piece and supporting smaller items to create a harmonious look around an entire room. This style works great with a collection of artwork that is created by the same artist or feels like it belongs in the same “family.”

The art we choose to live with each day says a lot about who we are and our individual style. Take time to make your selection — and to consider how to best display your most prized designs.