Mixing Wood Finishes

Using a lot of wood in a space can envelope you with wonderful dimension and texture. There are so many great wood products to choose from that sometimes it’s most appealing to pull together multiple kinds of wood.

It's an art to correctly mix wood finishes in a room, so today I want to share a few tips for success. Here is my Top Five list:

1. Be sure all the wood tones have the same undertones, either warm or cool.

2. The wood finishes shouldn’t be too similar. Look for distinction among your choices.

3. Avoid using grain patterns that are too crazy or busy. This will distract the eye.

4. Black can help be the grounding color in a mixed wood finish room.

5. Be sure the colors in the room complement the mix of woods you’ve chosen.

As always, it helps to look at examples, like these, which shows designs that mix wood finishes and grain patterns.

And here are some inspiring images to help you consider different tones (warm or cool) or whether you want to use black to ground your choices. In this case, black is used in the furniture and on the walls. And I love the use of complementary tones in the other images:

Want to see more? Check out some photos from my pinboards of wood finishes that mix well.




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